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Roundtable brothers pray and see miracles.
Get Your God Game On!  Tuesday Night & Saturday Morning

Join us Tuesday night at 7 p.m. or Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. at Gateway Fellowship (formerly Christ Memorial Church).  Get ready for the best hour and a half of the week! 

COMMENTARY by Dave Harris  
Title: Are You A Jesus Nut?

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If you try to escape the brotherhood love and fellowship of the Roundtable, we may be compelled rarely to consider, selectively, to Skype you in!


Suggested Viewing
By the end of this video, your faith
will be stronger.

The Video


For Your Reading Consideration
Brothers, read this book, also available on Kindle. It's a man's handbook. My classmate Jim Stump, who looks like his name at 5' 3", is a football-baseball-ping-pong athlete who has met with student athletes at Stanford for 40 years as athletic chaplain, sharing the Gospel with AMAZING results. --Dave Harris
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Roundtable Commentary

We learned in a Saturday Roundtable discussion: Everything I do, I do with this in mind - Jesus and my wife is in the room. Get yourself an accountability partner - another guy or your wife is a good choice. Give your wife access to your email and Internet.

Struggling with which Bible to read in our Bible Challenge?  
Here are some ideas.


You have been challenged to commit to God (some say promise or go so far as to vow) that you will spend at least 5 minutes a day in God's Word. For variety in both Testaments, here's a plan. You can start on today's date. Too much? Man up! You could stretch it out and do one-third to one-half a day. If you are a beginner, start at John and read through the New Testament. But if you want the full deal, use this.


Suggested Reading
Gary R. Habermas
Michael R. Licona

The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus

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Are you bold or timid about sharing your faith relating to contemporary issues and salvation? 
The Bible teaches that people reject the gospel because of ignorance, pride or a moral problem. This video provides tools and ideas for confident sharing (but remember: we need not be Rambo Witnesses to get the message across. People want relationships, compassion, answers and hope).



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