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Using Retreats and Events to Build Bonds

Roundtable Ministry Core Values

We are an organization of men serving our Lord Jesus Christ by giving hope and encouragement among the entire spectrum of men - men who are, or who want to be successful in the Kingdom of God; men who are, or who want to be a friend of God - a child of God - and who want to be part of a band of brothers.

Men of the Roundtable come in every description: those who triumphed in business and those who failed in business; men who seek to learn more about God; men who are hungry, looking for male fellowship, seeking direction, who are downtrodden, discouraged, overwhelmed and who think they are alone, as well as men who laugh, love, cry, love sports, hate sports, welcome challenges or are buried by them. 

The Good News is that God loves you and wants a relationship with you. And part of that connection with God comes from connecting with other men. No one understands you quite like another man - and God.

Jesus Christ thinks the world of you. He's up all night praying for you. Since He created you, He knows you best and wants the best for you. Of all the friends in the world, His intent is to be your best friend. Of all the care-givers in history, He's the most competent.

Of all the mechanics, accountants, attorneys, carpenters, plumbers, custodians, physicians, counselors, farmers, electricians, teachers, transportation practitioners, soldiers, sailors, pilots, ecologists, biologists, ministers, salespersons, public servants, firefighters, law enforcement officers, chefs, nutritionists, handymen, foresters, dentists, chemists, musicians, engineers or physicists, no one is more of an expert than Jesus Christ.

And He wants more than anything to be your friend and share His knowledge and power as a fellow revolutionary.