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Challenges, Addictions, or Just Want to Share Your Week?

About Roundtable Ministries

Each Saturday, in addition, other Roundtable fellowships have been started in Port Orchard and East Bremerton, Washington  (Sylvan Way Baptist); Yuma, Arizona (approximately 30-50 men meet each Saturday morning there); Idaho, and Australia.

Q: Who are we?
A: Men's Roundtable invites men of all ages to a weekly 90-minute lively session with a wide range of topics impacting men's lives.

Q: What does it cost?
A: No-cost discussion, no formal membership, no-cost snacks (optional: some guys toss in a buck or two to cover the food spread). Periodic larger, special breakfasts and golf blasts have a nominal fee.

Q: What denomination?
A: Although Gateway Fellowship (Assemblies of God) hosts the Roundtables in Poulsbo, the meetings are interdenominational and evangelical in nature. We've had men attend from Baptist to Anglican and most everything in between.

Q: Is it a Bible study or what is the format?
A: It's not a Bible study per se. We open with prayer, introduce ourselves, and a volunteer launches a 5-minute Bible passage and asks a question. Men can volunteer to respond or just listen. The discussions are casual, often serious, but punctuated with laughter.

Often the discussion diverts to a particular issue faced by one or more of the men. Others may offer solutions from their own experience or from scripture. The last 20 minutes or so addresses praise reports or prayer requests, and we support our brothers by calling out to God in prayer for specific needs. We've seen miracles of healing and recovery.

Q: When did Men's Roundtable start?
A: In the 1990s, the late Doug Walton felt a burden to address needs unique to men. From a handful of men, Roundtable has grown to 50-60 regular attendees in two weekly sessions in the Poulsbo location alone.

Q: What are the rules?
A: We have just one cardinal rule: "What's said here stays here," so that men can share in a safe brotherhood.

Q: Do you skip meetings on holidays?
A: No. We always meet every week.

Q: How can I learn more?
A: Email your questions or comments to roundtableministries@gmail.com